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Our mission

PostDesk provides a single destination for you to become fully briefed on any topic. Whether you want to spend a few minutes reading a clear and concise bulletin on your chosen topic, or immerse yourself deep in some opinion, comment and in depth analysis paired with a powerful documentary, PostDesk will be your one stop shop.

PostDesk also promises to be entirely independent, providing an unbias platform for contributors across the globe.


See only the best content from the highest quality primary sources from across the globe.


Choose exactly the type of content you prefer, on the topics you're interested in.


Discover and explore new topics to be inspired, informed and fully briefed.

A comprehensive briefing

PostDesk will become the one stop shop for each of the topics we cover, providing the perfect combination of content - whatever your area of interest.


Only the highest quality, most insightful content

Fresh viewpoints

Every angle covered, however controversial

Participate in discussion

A platform for discussion and debate on every topic

Deep analysis

Helpful explainations as well as in depth analysis

Quick summaries

Quick to consume content for those who prefer

Video and audio

High quality video, audio and livestream content

The launch

We're providing early access to just 100 users so we can test PostDesk before we launch to the public.

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    You'll get exclusive access to PostDesk as soon as we launch the first version. You can help shape what PostDesk becomes, with your feedback. Early access users will get VIP status - free access forever.

  • Early access

    Just 100 users will participate

    We will form a meaningful relationship with all of our special founding members, listening closely to them and acting upon their feedback.

  • Public access

    Launching topic by topic

    We'll launch topics relating to areas which have typically passionate, strong communities around them paired with high quality news and content sources.

  • Post launch

    Early access users retain VIP status

    Our initial users will receive free, top tier access forever. You'll have the oppportunity to become an editor or ambassador for sections you're interested in, and get free access to any of our future events.

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